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How do you teach emotions?

For most parents, a day is spent between jumps, tantrums, sorrows and joys for an endless number of reasons that us, as adults, cannot make sense of - can you relate?
That's why we got inspired to create our brand NEW emotions board.

An original Wiwiurka for littles to identify and express their emotions while playing. Interpreting emotions during childhood positively helps develop interpersonal skills, as well as create tolerance to frustration and regulating emotions through play.

Our new emotions board has been created in 4 different skin tones so everyone can see themselves reflected in them during play - or get more than one to identify different skin colors and emotions using the code EMOTIONS25 and enjoy a 25% OFF on your second Emotions Board!
Each board is made out of European birch Plywood and coated with non-toxic water-based stains and non-toxic matte finish sealer.
Let's turn it into personality play! Create hairstyles for your character with yarn, use scarves and hats to dress it up - let children express who they are and how they see the world!
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