Wiwiurka creates high-quality, handcrafted, & sustainable wooden toys that enhance imaginative play and motor skills in children to inspire families to live a playful life.

in the comfort & safety of your home

We are proud to provide products that promote active play in the comfort & safety of your home.

For the parents with tireless toddlers & active kiddos that climb on the furniture— you need a solution to release all that extra energy.

Our solution is toys that spark imagination, enhance imaginative play and boost motor skills in active children.

Connect with people

Our history

Founded in 2010, we started Wiwiurka as a way to connect with people through nature, sustainable & intentional living, and as a way to be independent.

We set our sights on tree health & maintenance with harvested wood. Struck by Inspiration, I began building OOAK outdoor playgrounds.

Due to my sudden soccer injury in 2015, Ana and I shifted our focus from playground ideas to Waldorf and Montessori-inspired toys & indoor climbing equipment. In search of ways to nurture the creativity and imagination of our children,I found inspiration in Waldorf Pedagogy.

It allowed me the opportunity to learn more about early childhood development and supporting the well-being of our children.

As a Mom, I wanted toys I was happy to display in our home and wanted to offer the same to every family worldwide. In 2018, I began to explore interior design trends to create color palettes that are complementary to all homes.

At Wiwiurka, we continue to focus on the creation of children's furniture inspired by Pikler, Montessori, and Waldorf’s pedagogical proposals. We are proud to promote active and creative play, especially gross motor development.

Ana y Marek

Innovation for families

Our Products

We are proud to be the first company on the market to provide specialized climbing equipment to families worldwide. As constant innovators, we focus on handcrafting beautiful pieces of furniture in small batches.

Inspiration & Socially responsible

Mission & Vision

Our versatile and innovative wooden toys promote active and creative play. We are proud to inspire families to live play-full lives.

Our goal is to be the worldwide market leader in sustainable and socially responsible toys and furniture for kids' Integral development.

Our Core Values

Our brand is different.

Our Brand Promises

Intentionally Crafted

We take great care to ensure that every piece is designed, shaped, and painted by and paying attention to every detail and finish. At Wiwirka, we promise that each product you receive will be of premium quality.

Carefully Sourced

We acknowledge the importance of finding child-safe toys for your children. Because of this, we keep a strict policy of only selecting raw material suppliers that meet our high standards.

Our toys consist of FSC Certified Plywood and High-Quality Pinewood. All our toys, paints, and sealants go through testing by A Third-Party CPSC-Approved Laboratory. They meet the ASTM F963 & ASTM F 1140-20 requirements for the safety of your family.

Socially and Ecologically commited

For our toys, we take inspiration from the magic of the world, the beauty of nature, and the spirit of our customers. As a local business, we support our community with employment and the use of only certified wood derived from sustainable and authorized regions.

A Wiwiurka we seek to inspire women to capitalize on their talents. We are proud to have a staff of 50% women and that number continues to grow with time. Through offering work to those in the same community my daughters were born in, we happily contribute to the development and well-being of a tiny, rural community.

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