We have had this out since Christmas day and it is used all day everyday. My daughter loves it for climbing, rocking, building forts, imagining, reading, you name it. We love this rocker so much.

Kate G.

We absolutely love this and worth every penny. My daughter is 19 months old and loves using it as a slide and climbing. As she gets older it will be easier for her to do it on her own.


Hi Marek! Yesterday we received the climber, it's beautiful! I share a picture of one of my daughters in it. I see that you sell the balance bar and the beans, I will soon be asking for it !! I congratulate you on your work, My daughters are enjoying it very much and I like to see them so intrepid. Regards!


The rainbow rocker certainly won the title of “Best Christmas Gift” in our home this year. Our children love using it for pretend walks across rainbows, surfing, as a seesaw, to sail the globe, and have used it as a stage for their stuffed


Not a day goes by that my 2 year old doesn’t use this! She loves eating her snacks or drawing on the table. It’s the most convenient size for her. Then we flip it over and pair it with the ladder/slide and she has so much fun climbing and sliding! So useful for the indoors especially now with all the playgrounds being closed!

Irina B.

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